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Laura L. Dunn's Talk Discusses the Fight to End Gender Violence

 - May 3, 2018
References: lauraldunnesq & ted
Laura L Dunn -- an advocate for survivors of sexual violence through legal assistance -- gave a Ted Talk with the intent to educate people on the Equal Rights Amendment and to bring awareness to the protection of victims of all types of gender violence.

The talk starts out with Dunn stating how normal violence and harassment are in the United States, while explaining how these terrible cases are becoming the norm with little to no accountability. Dunn adds that the US Constitution denies all fundamental protection to victims of sexual assault, partner violence and other gender violence cases. Bringing awareness to the astounding lack of justice for victims, Dunn states that the Equal Rights Amendment was originally proposed to guarantee gender equality under the law, but unfortunately was not passed in the 1970's.

Dunn finishes her talk by insisting that the Equal Rights Amendment needs to be passed, increasing justice for survivors across the country and moving gender violence out of the norm and into the spotlight to hold the guilty accountable.