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In Her Talk on Activism, Julie Chappell Explains the Importance of Involvement

 - May 9, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Julie Chappell, Partner at Hawthorn Advisors, discusses how campaigning for political and social issues is changing in her talk on activism.

She starts out by asking her audience whether or not they've been involved in any sort of protest or rally, to show that people participate much more frequently in activist efforts in the current political climate. She encourages her audience to get engaged with causes that they believe in, and to always stand up for the causes that they might have taken for granted in the past.

She continues her talk on activism by discussing how different causes are evolving, such as climate change and global gender equality. She goes into detail about the latter issue, exposing the continued differences in pay between men and women, as well as how violence continues to affect them.

Chappell continues to go into detail about how activist efforts can have a substantial impact, siting the power of communication, opportunity, clarity, and focus, when it comes to making a message clear.