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Alise Joste Breaks Down Her Journey in Her Talk on Fear and Failure

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: facebook & youtube
Musician Alise Joste starts out her talk on fear and failure with a song that exemplifies her artistic ability, and the level of emotion and honesty that goes into her work.

With this introduction, Joste opens up to her audience by exposing a vulnerable side of herself that speaks to the topic of her discussion, especially when she reveals that she once forgot the words to the song when performing it live. Joste says that this experience caused her to avoid situations that might result in any kind of embarrassment in order to protect herself.

To overcome this crippling barrier, Joste started to accept the important role vulnerability plays in her art, as well as her ability to connect to others. Although feelings of self-doubt and stress still affect her, Joste exposes in her talk on fear and failure that mistakes can be liberating once the inevitability of them is accepted.