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In Her Talk on Age, Beverlye Hyman Fead Explains Her Later Chapters

 - Feb 8, 2017
References: ageinginhighheels & youtube
In her talk on age, Beverlye Hyman Fead, a professional speaker, artist, author and filmmaker, encourages her audience to not see getting older as something negative.

She starts out by telling her audience of her experiences with cancer, which she was diagnosed with twice. When she was diagnosed the second time at 68 years old, she was told that she would have just two months to live and it was recommended that she do four kinds of chemotherapy. After seeing many female family members deal with the disease, she knew that she didn't want a single doctor to tell her how she should carry out the rest of her life. It was this mentality that led her to pursue different medical opinions and take part in an experimental treatment that ended up saving her life.

Being a woman of 82 years old, who once never thought that she would grow any older than 68, she's able to speak from experience when she tells her audience that it's time they think of aging differently. This is especially true for women, who deal with immense societal pressure when it comes to aging.

Beverlye Hyman Fead tells her audience that they should do things that make them feel strong and healthy, and that their power and beauty is deep within them. She says that by allowing themselves to grow older naturally, women become inspiring role models for younger people, as they can show that there's a lot more for them to accomplish after they hit 50 and that their value does not diminish as they grow more wrinkles. She finishes her talk on age by saying, "The only thing we have to lose as we age, is the fear of aging."