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Kio Stark's Talking to Strangers Speech Encourages Social Interactions

 - Dec 15, 2016
References: kiostark & youtube
In her 'Talking to Strangers' speech, the writer, teacher and consultant Kio Stark takes a unique perspective on the importance of social interactions with strangers on a daily basis.

Talking to strangers is something that most people in North America have grown up learning to avoid -- whether it is for safety purposes or for fear of rejection in some shape or form. Kio Stark explains that the fear that many of us have in regards to talking to strangers is most often unfounded, and that most people are receptive to these small interactions. She speaks of the unspoken rules that various countries and cultures around the world follow, with some being much more open to these daily interactions than others. Stark talks about the importance of small interactions with strangers as they have little consequence and can lead to unexpected intimacy in the form of connecting briefly but at a deep level with a stranger.

Kio Stark describes these interactions as beautiful interruptions that break up daily, expected narratives for both the initiator and the person they are speaking to -- leading to more interesting and even more fulfilled lives.