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Barack Obama's Farewell Speech Left America Cautious but Empowered

 - Jan 11, 2017
References: youtube & cbsnews
As one of the world's greatest orators, President of the United States Barack Obama's farewell speech turned what was a sad moment for many Americans to one that was bittersweet -- with his message of hope and the importance of self-empowerment.

Obama took time outlining some of the ways in which the country has been a better place in the past eight years, citing rising incomes, LGBT rights, steady job growth and the death of Bin Laden as just some of the ways in which America is in a better position now than it previously was. The powerful message came with warnings as well, as he told Americans that it is when individuals, groups and other countries are able to evoke fear, negative influence and create division in the country that democracy is undermined. He tasked Americans with employing more empathy in their lives, understanding the various struggles of their fellow Americans no matter their background, while being joined with the knowledge that others are also patriotic, hard working and care for their families. He encouraged Americans to understand that their intelligence agencies, scientific communities and reason should not be undermined by falsities – referencing the conspiracy theories and fake news that dominated in the past year. After taking the time to tearfully thank his family and Vice President Joe Biden, Obama ended the speech with a call to Americans to fight for their rights, take it upon themselves to create change, and work towards making America a prosperous and equal place for all.

After President Obama's farewell speech, those who supported him during his position in office can collectively and non-sardonically say: thanks, Obama.