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Tamekia MizLadi Smith's Talk on Employee Training is Inspiring

 - Aug 15, 2018
References: tamekiamizladi & ted
Tamekia MizLadi Smith — a spoken-word performer and an experienced mentor, delivers a talk on employee training that is provocative, inspiring and educational. In it, she relates personal experiences that most of us are far too familiar with.

The importance of data collection is emphasized as it is a means of addressing and learning about health disparities, for example. Tamekia MizLadi Smith identifies that this process of gathering information can be negatively impacted by the employee's inability to ask the right questions correctly. This ultimately results in bad data which costs time, money and resources. It also bring about a system that produces outdated and inaccurate information. This largely impacts the process of finding answers to social determinants of health, for example.

In her talk on employee training, the extremely creative speaker advocates that it is important for businesses, institutions and the government to recognize that "when teaching human beings to communicate with other human beings, it should be delivered by a human being." To better illustrate the proper etiquette of asking the right questions in the right manner, Tamekia MizLadi Smith showcases her 'I'm G.R.A.C.E.D" training system.