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Frances Frei's Keynote on Trust Uses Uber as a Case Study

 - May 11, 2018
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Frances Frei -- the Senior Associate Dean for Executive Education and the UPS Foundation Professor of Service Management at the Harvard Business School, has deep feelings about authenticity, logic and empathy and during her keynote on trust, she demonstrates their interactivity with a real-life case study. The academic identifies the act of trusting as a largely necessary characteristic in the human experience -- a foundation of everything we do and an undisputed gateway to unprecedented progress across all industries, fields and social life.

The keynote on trust focuses on the value from a business perspective. Frances Frei calls attention to the large capitalist structures that have lost consumer confidence through data-breaches, technological failures, employee mistreatment and CEO corruption. An avid advocate for redemption, the Harvard professor calls attention to this fundamental loss and stresses the importance of rebuilding it in a wholesome and constructive way.

Using a board and a piece of chalk, Frances Frei sketches a triangle that visually exhibits the three necessary components for rebuilding --authenticity, logic and empathy. As the keynote on trust progresses, the academic explains the immediate need for each component and how she used them to implement a more trustworthy business model for Uber.