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Matt Crome Considers Small Choices in His Talk on Business Ethics

 - Aug 10, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Matt Crome, a social entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Square Peg Coffee House, begins his talk on business ethics by considering how daunting it can be to set out on a goal that seems far too large to ever be attainable. By introducing his talk in this manner, Crome shows how small changes can make a big impact, and delves into a series of historical examples to demonstrate how this is true.

Next, Crome explains how he decided to start making a difference in his own actions, and how his ethical business decisions impacted everyone from the consumers he served, to the people that he employed. By showing how his own coffee house made a difference, Crome inspires his audience to "get passionate about the small things." By going over some of his practices, Crome demonstrates throughout his talk on business ethics that good choices can quickly multiply and generate a huge impact the spans globally.