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Jai Natarajan's Brief Talk on Ethical Employment is Hopeful & Strong

 - Aug 8, 2018
References: linkedin & inktalks
Although just under four minutes, this talk on ethical employment is inspiring and motivational, to say the least. In it, Jai Natarajan talks about his company iMerit Technology and how it empowers youth and lower-income families to thrive in the digital economy. Essentially, what iMerit does is provide bigger businesses with an outsourced service of annotating and moderating data that is integral to the progression of computer vision, machine learning and e-commerce.

The company unfolds as a for-profit social impact enterprise that harnesses a big part of its capital to empower and support individuals. Jai Natarajan's talk on ethical employment boasts that over 80% of iMerit employees come from families that are hovering or under the poverty line, people that six months prior to the position have not come into contact with a computer or a smartphone. Furthermore, Jai Natarajan proudly reports that 55% of those workers are women. He briefly elaborates on the responsibilities iMerit employees have, as well — from image tagging for self-driving cars to the visual segmentation for virtual and augmented reality.

Jai Natarajan's talk on ethical employment advocates for businesses to take a leap of fate, invest in people and encourage them to learn and re-learn in order to thrive in the ever-expanding digital economy.