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Anuja Kapur's Talk on Criticism Considers Inner Strength

 - Mar 23, 2018
References: youtube
Anuja Kapur begins her talk on criticism by considering the many different ways that it can affect people, depending on their perception.

She goes on to say that she's experienced a lot of criticism as a powerful woman in an industry that's mostly dominated by men, especially while balancing motherhood with her desire to rise to the top in her career. For Kapur, the constant criticism she received only pushed her to rise above their expectations, and show them that they had no right to push their negativity onto her. Although she has constantly been met with ignorance and sexism, Kapur hasn't taken the words of her critics particularly seriously. Rather, she has come to accept that her success can be perceived as a threat, especially to weak men who are concerned with looking lesser. In effect, this has functioned as a source of motivation for her.

Throughout her talk on criticism, Kapur examines her journey in overcoming those trying to bring her down, and how her simple refusal to break has given her so much strength.