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Malika Whitley's Talk on Art Highlights Its Importance

 - Apr 24, 2018
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Malika Whitley delivers a talk on art that emphasizes its importance and relevance to the homeless community. The speaker is a curator and activist, based in Atlanta, Georgia, who founded ChopArt — an organization that aims to assist homeless teens with a heavy focus on mentorship programs that build self-esteem and opportunities through art.

Malika Whitley's talk on art contains a strong personal character that is a result of her overtly honest approach. By relating her own experience as a teen who didn't have a place to stay, she is able to inject an emotional dimension to her content. Malika highlights the often demented social perception of the homeless and seeks to liberalize them as educated people that deserve respect. She gives real-life examples through her experience with ChopArt, ultimately bringing to light the reality of homelessness and its consequences.

This talk on art puts into focus the importance of expressivity and how it can be used as a tool to help and motivate individuals who struggle. Her deeply emotional connection to the issue and to art as a force of inspiration allows Malika to deliver content in a very powerful and meaningful way.