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Damon Davis Considers Courage in His Talk on Police Brutality

 - Aug 29, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Damon Davis, a visual artist, musician, and filmmaker who's best known for the documentary 'Whose Streets?,' begins his talk on police brutality by talking about the tragic death of Michael Brown in 2014.

More specifically, Davis considers how the police and the media used fear to control those within the community. When he was at the protests that resulted from the unjust death of Brown, Davis noticed that there was an overwhelming sense of love and community, however when the police arrived, the mood was overtaken by fear and anger. In response, the crowd courageously yelled and refused to back down, a powerful reaction that enabled them to make to a statement.

Inspired by what he experienced, Davis decided to create art that would speak to the movement and raise morale. By representing those who stood up for what's right, Davis helped to empower them and reinforce their actions. With this, Davis shows his audience how they can transform fear into power, and use it effectively to their advantage.