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Raphael Arar's Keynote on AI Highlights How Art & Tech Mix

 - Apr 18, 2018
References: raphaelarar & ted
Raphael Arar is an award-winning artist and designer who is focused on researching artificial intelligence and his keynote on AI reveals his highly creative approach to fostering a better and long-lasting relationship between people and computers.

Raphael Arar believes that in order for people to be willing to interact with technology in a mindful and open way, the technology needs to entertain some understanding of inherently human characteristics. The designer's suggestion to bridging this gap in essence is through art, since that offers "a way to put tangible experiences to intangible ideas, feelings and emotions." In other words, Raphael Arar explores ways to make computers understand things that are not fact-based or from a purely logical point of view.

During his keynote on AI, the designer shares his artful experiments on connecting artificial intelligence with humans on a more experiential level. He explores concepts such as emotion, communication, intuition and interaction. One such example is a light-based installation that prompts people to share a memory and then determines a nostalgia score, based on data of vocabulary use and semantics.

With these art-infused experiments, Raphael Arar strongly believes in the drive for innovation and the importance of embedding human essence into our creations.