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Rainer Strack's Talk About the Workforce Looks Ahead to 2030

 - Dec 5, 2014
References: youtu.be
In his talk about the workforce, Rainer Strack explains the global workforce crisis that could occur in 2030. Although the future is highly speculative, many of the world's economies will face a labor shortage with more jobs than people to do them according to research performed by the speaker.

This means we need more women in the workforce and to increase migration and the retirement age. In addition to a labor shortage, Strack's talk about the workforce identifies a global crisis where mismatched skills also play a part. Technology will replace some jobs, but the question is when, how fast and to what extent. More automation in tech will also increase the skill mismatch. There is a cultural challenge as well because people want to be appreciated for their work.

Governments and companies need to implement a people strategy immediately that will forecast supply and demand, attract great people, educate and up-skill people and retain great people.