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Dr. Mark Hyman Gives a Talk about The Impact of Food

 - Aug 17, 2018
References: drhyman & youtube
Mark Hyman is a family physician, an educator, a New York Times bestselling author and speaker, and an advocate for the field of Functional Medicine -- he gives a talk about the impact of food. Hyman is also the Pritzker Foundation Chair at the Cleveland Clinic for Functional Medicine, medical editor at the Huffington Post, the Director at the Ultra Wellness Center, and regularly contributes to media surrounding medicinal practices.

He begins his talk by highlighting all the global issues that are out of our control, then dials in on something that we each do every single day that radically changes everything, which is eating. As a doctor of thousands of patients, he uses a powerful tool that prevents and treats most issues, which is food. Hyman explains that food has the power to cure or to kill. In a world of misinformation and marketing, the whole concept of personal choice when it comes to food is much more complicated than it seems. In a world where supermarkets are filled with biologically addictive foods, it's more so about fixing the food environment than personal choice.