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In Her Talk on Sugar, Calgary Avansino Considers Its Many Draw Backs

 - Mar 6, 2018
References: calgaryavansino & youtube
Calgary Avansino, an author, editor and wellbeing expert, delivered a talk on sugar for TEDxMoorgate.

As 20% of all children in the UK who are 10 years old are classified as obese, and more than 15% are considered to be overweight, Avansino highlights the importance of educating children and their parents so that they can make more informed decisions when it comes to their health, and avoid the many issues that an unhealthy weight can bring. She shows the lack of understanding that many children have of how much sugar is actually in their food by telling the story of a 6-year-old boy who approached her to proudly tell her that he barely consumed any of the sweet substance. When she inquired further, the boy revealed that he was constantly eating white bread and pasta, prepackaged lunch snacks, and other food products that were secretly loaded with sugar.

The obesity epidemic is only expected to spread, and impact the everyday movements, happiness, and health of those affected. By breaking down the ingredients in common food products, proper serving sizes, and healthy alternatives, Avansino shows her audience how they can make small but meaningful adjustments to their diets to positively impact their bodies and minds.