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Essam Daod's Talk on Refugees Considers How to Overcome Trauma

 - Jul 18, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Essam Daod is a mental health specialist who provides first response intervention to refugees, a role that he speaks to in his talk on refugees that was delivered for TED.

Daod begins his talk by explaining more about his role, and describes the mental health catastrophe that he's witnessed unfold. With many refugees arriving by boat being children, they are especially susceptible to the trauma endured on the tumultuous journey over. As Daod shows, professional mental health intervention at the early stages of arrival helps to combat the difficult issues that can often manifest afterwards. Often times, embedding these traumatic experiences with positive associations, even if they are small, can help refugees to change the narratives in their minds and lead healthier lives.

With his talk on refugees, Daod shows the importance of mental health intervention, showing how it can help people to deal with trauma, and feel more comfortable in their new home.