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The Tim Cole talk about organizational change discusses his work implementing sustainable building...

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Tim Cole's Talk About Organizational Change is on Virginia Beach

 - Jul 31, 2016
References: youtu.be
In his talk about organizational change, Tim Cole explains how he has been involved in sustainable school systems in Virginia Beach and how to create culture change globally.

The environmental speech uses his school division as a model for fiscally conservative but sustainable building infrastructure.

The talk about organizational change emphasizes the importance of a triple bottom line model when attempting to implement a change in culture. The speaker believes a lack empathy is partly behind eco inaction, because people tend to see everything below them on the food chain as unimportant, which makes understanding the interdependency of the ecosystem difficult. Cole also suggests taking a military-inspired approach of assessing the field locally, nationally and internationally. He states people "don't follow the plan, they follow the man" and encourages individuals to be that change maker.