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Gifford Pinchot III's Speech on Climate Change Discusses Happiness

 - Jan 12, 2015
In his speech on climate change, Gifford Pinchot III talks about why we need to lighten up when it comes to combating this important environmental issue. Noting that "doom and gloom" isn't working well as a selling strategy, the speaker states we need to collectively forgive whoever it is we are blaming for climate change and move on to doing something about it. The key, he believes, is to have fun while making a difference.

The speech on climate change also acknowledges the facts. Pinchot explains the Happo Dammo Ratio, where happiness created by an activity is divided by the damage done by that activity. We need to get better at this ratio if the human race is to survive. The speaker discusses how happiness is about relationships more than things or even basic needs.

The talk also provides several case examples of how businesses like SoupCycle are dealing with the environment and matters of social justice.