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David Saddington's Climate Change Speech Discusses Personal Impact

 - Oct 31, 2014
References: youtu.be
In his climate change speech, David Saddington discusses why a scientific approach to educating the public is wrong.

When the speaker was younger, he promoted scientific education around climate and was certain education was the solution. He, like many others in the community, believed if people understood the issue they would understand the importance and take action.

However, the climage change speech explains how scientific buzzwords represent a failure to communicate importance of the issue. By making it an academic subject we made it a remote and abstract concept. As we only talk about the impacts of climate change when it causes a catastrophe, we superficially care but not enough to warrant serious action. We see environmental activism as altruistic, but are not prepared to alter our lifestyles or way of business. The speaker identifies the root of this problem as people being confused by science and thinking climate change isn't relevant to their everyday lives.

Instead, we should be educating people about what's already happening and how people are affected. This personal approach emphasizes security, finances and food.