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This Matt Petersen Environmental Keynote Talks Planets

 - Oct 6, 2012
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This Matt Petersen environmental keynote talks about how people collectively need to stop abusing the planet. The planet's actions speak much louder then words, but we need people like Petersen to remind people of the everyday habits that affect on this planet. He tells listeners that things like pollution, deforestation, and climate change should be warning about the health of our planet, but instead of listening, people choose to ignore it.

Petersen brings up a very interesting point about how women feel the effects of climate change much more, because they make up the largest amount of the world's poor. They are dependent on natural resources however if they can’t get at them then they won’t be able to live a sustainable life. When the planet suffers, woman and girls suffer as well.

Petersen says that we need more citizen entrepreneurs who are devoted to taking action and making change for the environment and for women everywhere.

This is a thoughtful and powerful environmental keynote that is definitely worth watching.