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Ray Anderson's Business of Sustainability Keynote Promotes Eco Practices

 - May 25, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Current models of business and industry are the biggest cause of the declining biosphere according to Ray Anderson in this Business of Sustainability keynote. The potentially good news is that businesses and industries are the only institutions powerful enough to take humanity out of this crisis and make a positive change on the environment.

Companies are increasingly becoming aware of the onus to practice green business. As innovators seek eco-friendly solutions and business models change their approach in order to reduce harmful impacts, it becomes uncertain as to why other industries aren't adopting this new method.

Technologies are changing in order to diminish environmental impact rather than multiplying it. The decision whether or hurt or help the planet resides in businesses that have established themselves within the global markets. To refuse change in fear of jeopardizing a recognizable product will only serve to undermine a company's social reputation in the years to come.