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The keynotes by Elan Lee discuss the evolution of storytelling over the last few centuries. They...

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Elan Lee's Storytelling Speech Explores New Interactive Elements

 - Oct 26, 2012
References: youtube
Elan Lee's storytelling speech examines the evolution of storytelling over the last few centuries. He argues that as it continues to evolve, those who cling onto what is comfortable and cling to historical methods and force audiences to consume stories in outdated ways, will fail and will be replaced with something else.

He begins by recognizing how the mechanisms by which stories are told have transformed; from theater, to the printing press, to the motion picture camera and now the Internet and its surrounding networks, there is a new collaboration between author and audience. Stories, movies, books and plays now have interactive elements where characters exist outside of stories. Lee's storytelling speech explores how audiences now play an important role in the delivery of stories as well as the message and experiences they provide.