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Dr. Andrew Weil Discusses Contentment in His Speech on Happiness

 - Mar 1, 2014
References: drweil & youtube
Happiness is one of man's most desired yet illusive concepts, and in his speech on happiness, Dr. Andrew Weil shares some of his thoughts on the subject and the best way that we should go about achieving it.

In a surprising statement, Dr. Weil begins by saying that he is generally wary about the idea of pursuing happiness as an overall goal, mainly because of how we define happiness. In the Western world we have a tendency to think that happiness is only something that can be achieved externally, which can be problematic as well as fleeting. Instead, Weir argues we should be focused on contentment, which seeks an inner sense of fulfillment.

Dr. Andrew Weil finishes his speech on happiness by saying that our moods vary and we need to accept that. Constant happiness is biologically impossible, however if we seek fulfillment beyond just the material we can learn to be content.