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Dr. Andrew Weil's Breathing Speech is About Consciously Breathing

 - Aug 10, 2013
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Dr. Andrew Weil talks about the health benefits of breathing consciously in this breathing speech. Weil says that breathing is something people can do both consciously and subconsciously. He explains that while people aren't really taught how to breath, there are benefits to breathing in a certain way.

Weil says that there are four things people should remember in order to improve their breathing. Weil encourages individuals to breathe more deeply, slowly, quietly and regularly. He says that this kind of breathing can help to lower blood pressure, relieve stress and aid in digestion (among other things).

It's interesting to think about changing the way one breathes. It's not something that is often thought about. Weil provides viewers with some compelling reasons to start paying attention to they way that they are breathing.