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The Pete McGraw Humor Keynote Gives Us Insight Into Why We Find Things Funny

The Pete McGraw humor keynote, gives us insight into the benefits of finding things funny. People of all ages and cultures experience humor on a daily basis; humor can connect us and ultimately create a feeling of happiness. In this keynote, McGraw talks about his theory on humor and how we can have a more humorous life.

He explains that humor can come from three things: violation, benign violation and benign. He explains what each one means and how the combination of them can make things extra humorous. His theory also explains why we don't find some things funny.

He says that you need to pay attention to your audience and, "that everyone can have a sense of humor under the right circumstance." Distance has a huge effect on humor, meaning that certain people will find things more funny when it happens to a friend, rather then a stranger, or the opposite when it is just totally out there and nothing like real life.

His theory on humor is interesting and definitely worth checking out.