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Christian Rudder's Relationship Talk Decodes Online Site Statistics

 - Jan 5, 2015
References: youtube
Christian Rudder is the founder of OkCupid and his relationship talk explores many of the statistics from online dating sites and what that data says about the way we form relationships. Many of Rudder's findings are quite interesting and garner insight into how humans interact with one another through virtual romance.

According to Rudder, the data he's collected is quite unique in the sense that it offers insight into how people interact with other strangers, make judgement calls and engage in back-and-forth flirting. Since everything is happening virtually and online, a large portion of communication is based on creating a first impression exclusively through messaging and pictures. "You look at the data and you really get a kind of special window into people's psyche," says Rudder, "kind of like if you could see everything that was going on in a big bar on a Friday night."