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Amy Webb's Online Dating Speech Explains How She Wrote Her Own Framework

 - Oct 7, 2013
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In her online dating speech, Amy Webb explains how she hacked the system. Matchmaking websites use algorithms to pair people together. Amy found these algorithms do what they are designed to do; the problem is the people who fill them out. There is a level of superficiality to the data as any information people write or select is based on their own perceptions.

Instead, Amy created her own criteria and data points, which she prioritized using tiers and a scoring system. She also created several fake profiles to collect more data and learn what the popular women on these sites were doing differently. Using the information she discovered, Webb redid her online dating profile and soon met her husband and the father to her daughter.

The main takeaway from Webb's online dating speech is that one can create their own algorithm for love or life. It's important to play by your own rules and to be picky.