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Piya Sorcar's Quality Control Keynote is Inspirational and Helpful

 - Jun 15, 2014
References: www2.technologyreview & vimeo
Informing the audience on the best practices to ensure a successful product, TeachAIDS founder Piya Sorcar encourages start-ups to make sure that they focus on quality as opposed to quantity or timelines in her quality control keynote.

In this talk, Sorcar explains how the TeachAIDS lifesaving software has helped in the global fight against HIV and AIDS. The social innovator stresses that the way her organization was able to work with over 70 countries and hundreds of other nonprofit organizations to provide prevention-aiding products to the people who needed it most was solely based on the organization's emphases on quality.

"Never cutting corners" is Sorcar's main takeaway in the quality control keynote to ensure that your product or service is the most efficient it can be.