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Aaron Hurst's Purpose Economy Talk Advises Recent Graduates

 - Jun 20, 2014
References: youtube
Author Aaron Hurst expresses his envy towards recent graduates in his purpose economy talk.

The shift from an information to a purpose economy, which Hurst identifies as the future of work and society, allows people an incredible opportunity to be an innovator in an authentic way. In other words, people have a greater opportunity to "do good and do well."

In terms of advice for people in their twenties, Hurst suggests that we take the time to really get to know ourselves, without succumbing to outside influences. Too often, we concern ourselves with what is expected of us, instead of examining what it is that drives our own purpose. Exploring the world to find that sense of purpose will become an invaluable asset when we eventually begin creating and making an impact in the world. Hurst suggests that the post-secondary education system doesn't allow for a diverse enough range of experiences, instead limiting us to the same set of circumstances over and over again. He suggests we invest in ourselves, and subsequently get to know ourselves, in other ways, such as studying abroad.