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Eunice Hii's Following Your Passion Keynote Suggests Otherwise for Gen Yers

 - Feb 1, 2013
Eunice Hii opens up about her anxieties about the future in this following your passion keynote. As a student in her last semester of university, she is annoyed and frustrated by the number of people asking her what she will be doing after graduation. Having been told by different people to follow her passions, to do what caters to her strengths or to just move to New York she, like most members of Generation Y, have no idea what path to take.

After reading an article that summarized Generation Y as lazy, pampered, high maintenance and entitled, she came to the conclusion that this all comes from the fact that Gen Yers have constantly been told to and encouraged to follow their passions and to do what makes them happy.

What Hii has discovered is that Generation Y cannot make a better name for itself by following its passions. She advises Generation Y to find passions that not only service themselves, but that service others as well.