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Prudence L. Carter's Presentation on Integration on School Diversity

 - Mar 3, 2015
In her presentation on integration, Prudence Carter discusses paradoxes of diversity within high schools. While performing sociological research, the speaker discovered people are uncomfortable moving across social and cultural lines and sought out what would facilitate the crossing of these boundaries in schools.

Her research identified a paradox: African American students who attended the majority minority schools that weren't as affluent reported higher levels of cultural flexibility than students in schools that were presumed to be more diverse and more affluent. While the presentation on integration stated context as well as resource-rich academic opportunities matter, they aren't sufficient for many children who need to be incorporated. The speaker believes we also have to concentrate on the social and cultural environment of schools if we want to move kids from the margins to the center.

The presentation on integration posits diversity is not enough to get achieve true integration because diversity is about demographics rather than cultural change.