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David Stern's Athletic Talk Explores Multicultural Employment

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: youtube
Former National Basketball Association commissioner David Stern's athletic talk expands on diversity both on and off the basketball court. Stern is often recognized as one of the pioneers for helping to cultivate a multicultural group of managers, coaches and players for the NBA. In this short talk, Stern expands on the NBA's mission to create a foundation rooted in embracing difference.

According to Stern, basketball in America is all about merging players, coaches and employees from all areas of the country -- no matter their race, ethnicity or background. That's because the game is rooted in teaching rather than aesthetics or solely talent. During the 70s the NBA received a lot of backlash for embracing this direction, but as Stern puts it so eloquently, "We [the NBA] had something to teach rather than be afraid of."