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This Power Keynote by MK Haley Explores the Influence of Santa Claus

 - Apr 12, 2013
References: youtube
This power keynote by MK Haley examines the significant influence that certain people can have based on the amount of power that we have given them.

Haley uses Santa Claus as an example to showcase how much influence an iconic figure can have simply based on widespread recognition and popularity. Despite being a fictional character, Santa Claus is actually based upon a real-life individual, and from several different folklores and stories he has morphed into someone associated with gift-giving and sainthood, and has became a positive source of influence.

Over the years, Santa Claus has developed into a character that embodies family, sharing and happiness, all of which resulted from the beliefs of children and adults, and their commitment in keeping the goodness of this character alive.