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John Mone's Open Source Speech Explains How it Drives Small Business

 - Jan 4, 2013
References: enduranceinternational & youtube
In this open source speech, the impact of open source on small business and the economy is discussed by John Mone, the EVP of Technology and Program Management at Endurance International Group. Mone believes that open source is a driving and enabling force to kick start and enhance small business as well as the economy.

He uses the example of 'Castle Chat' -- a small firm that organizes Disney Vacations through open source operations -- to demonstrate the friction-free process created by open source. Castle Chat also demonstrates how any web presence -- no matter how big or small a business may be -- takes a firm global and puts it on an international scale. This, in turn, creates lower costs and an infinite opportunities for experimentation.

John Mone's open source speech provides real-life examples of how open source benefits small businesses everywhere.