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Roberto D'Angelo and His Wife Give a Positive Approach Speech

 - Jul 28, 2013
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In this heartwarming positive approach speech, speakers Roberto D'Angelo and Francesca Fedeli talk with viewers about their son Mario's disability. D'Angelo and Fedeli explain that ten days after their son was born it was discovered that he had undergone a prenatal seizure, which effected the right side of his brain. Due to the seizure, Mario didn't have control of his motor functions on his left side.

D'Angelo and Fedeli discuss the many questions that they had as parents of a disabled child and reveal that they became quite depressed. They began physical therapy with their son, but after a while it became clear that they needed to treat Mario like a son and not a problem to be dealt with. The pair began bringing Mario with them wherever they went, nurturing him and continuing his therapy.

Mario can walk now and has some control over his once lost motor functions. These proud parents encourage others going through similar experiences to see disabilities as an opportunity and not a burden or a failure. They claim that one's attitude makes all the difference.