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Andrew Solomon’s Absolute Love Speech Talks Behavioral Changes

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: andrewsolomon & youtube
Andrew Solomon showcases the capability that love can bring in his absolute love speech.

Just several decades ago, certain disabilities and lifestyles were condemned or poorly subjugated by society. In his absolute love speech, Solomon highlights how the cultures in mental and medical have rapidly progressed not just in the fields of medicines, but also in the social aspects of these disabilities.

There are two types of identities that a child is presented: vertical identities and horizontal identities. Vertical identities are compromised of matters such as ethnicity, language, nationality, and religion. These are facets that children have in common with their parents. Horizontal identities are identities that they acquire, which are alien to parents.

There are three levels that must take place according to Solomon (self acceptance, family acceptance and social acceptance). "Love is present and is unconditional, but acceptance is something that takes time."