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Robbins' Pickpocketing Speech Deals with the Study of Human Behavior

 - Feb 12, 2014
References: istealstuff & youtube
Apollo Robbins' pickpocketing speech discusses the importance of the controlling of the human mind, attention and perception. Robbins has been pickpocketing for over 20 years and he still hasn't been caught -- there is clearly more to Robbins than meets the eye. The reason for his pickpocketing is to study and predict human behavior. Robbins remarks that attention is the main element in the art of misdirection.

The main models of attention are similar to a surveillance system of senses and perception. Attention is the motor behind perception, enabling the control of reality and is the gateway to the mind.

Robbins also mentions that his aim is to toy and play with attention and treat it as a limited resource. He implores us to realize the flaws in our perception and invites us to imagine our potential if we could control attention.