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Mark Henick's Suicide Speech Discusses Why People Choose Suicide

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: markhenick.wordpress & youtube
Mark Henick's suicide speech deals with how a person is led to the act of suicide. The mental health advocate discusses the issues of self perception and the dangers it can cause if our perceptions are constricted. Henick was inspired by his own personal experience with the issue of suicide and understanding why individuals choose suicide as their way out.

Henick's suicide speech tells the audience of the power of our own perception; it is created through our perception of the world. He comments on the self-made bubble as our world and the extent of our perceptual field that can expand and contract.

Henick claims that whether an individual has a mental illness or not, how the individual acts and the choices he or she makes are solely dependent on the expansiveness and constriction of our perception.

Suicide, according to Henick, is the individual's perception constricting, leading to the elimination of instinctual hope.