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The Alexandra Samuel Online Reality Keynote Debunks Negative Opinions

 - Oct 17, 2012
References: alexandrasamuel & youtube
The Alexandra Samuel online reality keynote debunks opinions about how online life isn't a valuable and positive thing in this day and age. She believes that people have to stop apologizing for their online lives and that what happens online should be counted as real life. She wants everyone to acknowledge that lives are lived both online and offline.

Morris believes that when you're online you are in fact more authentic and open than when you're face-to-face with someone. The Internet provides people with communities that they may not be able to be a part of in real life. These communities allow people to share their thoughts, opinions and stories in an open environment. Morris thinks that you should start to picture a person instead of a faceless being on the other side of the conversation, that way you and people that judge the online world will become more empathetic.

She says that it is up to us to share and create meaning online. Once we do this, then everyone will see the value of the online world. She believes that we need to spend our time more wisely on the Internet, so better things come up on search engines, and so that people don't devalue the good and beneficial things that come with the Internet.

This is an interesting keynote that shares how important online life is and that it is indeed a very valuable and important tool in our lives.