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This Mobile Service Keynote by Don Meij Introduces Two Rules for Apps

 - Oct 10, 2012
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In this mobile service keynote, Domino's Australia CEO Don Meij discusses the brand's move to a mobile site and how this affected its sales and consumer engagement. He explains how a mobile site, on which consumers could place an order and track it, was something they were desperate for and waiting for. Almost immediately after launching the mobile site, the brand saw a three percent increase in sales.

This taught the company that often customers are looking for something, but that it isn't there. In this case, Domino's consumers wanted to be able to order from an app accessible on their smartphones.

Upon analyzing the numbers and consumer feedback, Meij was able to create two general rules about taking a business digital. The first, is that it is crucial to build an app consumers will use more than once. The majority of people download an app and delete it within the next 24 hours, therefore creating an app people can use for multiple things is important.

The second rule is to not just build an app for the sake of building an app. Domino's aims to expands its order and delivery service on its app to customer inquiries and feedback. This mobile service keynote offers insight into the ways consumer behavior is evolving.