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Joe Lassiter's Nuclear Energy Speech Focuses on the Environment

 - Dec 20, 2016
References: ted & youtube
To begin his nuclear energy speech, Joe Lassiter takes account of the current state of the environment with regard to energy-related emissions. Unfortunately, the assessment seems bleak. Lassiter notes that, even with earnest efforts made to adhere to the climate regulations agreed upon in the Paris Accord, carbon dioxide emissions are expected to continue to rise over the next thirty years. As such, Lassiter considers what the impact could be if certain nations made different energy choices.

China and India, for example, currently run on coal. Rather than that being a denouncement of the countries, it is simply a result of their relative current and historical poverty, which has made it essential to use coal so that the citizens can survive in the short term. In essence, those countries can't afford to build sustainable energy plants.

Lassiter argues (with research to back himself up) that the newest nuclear energy systems could satisfy countries like China and India with the same cost and efficacy as coal, while virtually eliminating emissions. However, in order to actually provide those nations with new nuclear power, regulations governing and mindsets surrounding nuclear will need to change.