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Michio Kaku's Future Speech Explores Society's Odds of Survival

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: mkaku.org & youtu.be
This future speech by Michio Kaku is quite simply mind-blowing. He introduces predictions and forecasting of humanity with such confidence and clarity that it almost feels like he's lived the future.

Michio addresses the question of whether humanity will destroy itself. To answer this, he shares the opinion that humanity is only a type zero civilization out of three different types. He says that we are currently in a danger period because humans are savage, full of passion and possess nuclear weapons.

Michio sees two potential trends that humanity could follow. The first being a scientific, multi-cultural and open-minded society, and the second is a terrorist run, theocracy and mono-cultural society. He doesn't know what humanity's fate will be, but he hopes that the first one wins out.