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Jonathon Porritt's Sustainable Development Speech is Powerful

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: jonathonporritt & youtube
There is hope for a more sustainable future and a renewably efficient world, according to Jonathon Porritt's powerful sustainable development speech.

The writer, broadcaster and commentator, known for his research and keynotes on sustainable development, shows the audience how by 2050 the concept of a sustainable way of life can become a reality.

"A fully sustainable future is still available to all of us, as long as we bare in mind that it is as dependent on equity as it is on technology," says Porritt in his sustainable development speech.

With almost an estimated nine billion people on the planet by 2050, Porrit says the only way we can make it till then is if we adopt the concept of radical decarbonization and not waste our efforts, technologies and finances on nuclear.