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Mike Connelly’s News Evolution Talk Examines the Digital

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: youtu.be
Mike Connelly chronicles the history of media coverage and distribution in his news evolution talk. Connelly asserts that news has always been, and will always be, dictated by the relationship between technology and economics. Previously, distributing the news was an arduous and expensive process that catered to a small and specific audience. The advent of mass media transformed news from extremely targeted to widely objective in order to appeal to larger audiences.

However, the age of mass media is waning, and Connelly theorizes that the decline of the baby boomers influence will shape the future of news distribution. He argues that citizens will continue to report the "story of me" through Twitter and Facebook, but will lack to post societies collective story. People will continue to look towards the news as a way to make sense of the overwhelming information ocean. However, news will be maximized for time-killing portable devices (like smartphones) and once again appeal to smaller audiences as the population will further fragment.