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Marc Ferrentino Shows How the Connections You Make are Good for Business

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: youtube
In this informative conversation with Cloud Computing Technology Executive Marc Ferrentino, he discusses why having a good network is key not only for your business life but for your personal one as well.

He explains that a strong network can help you with big life decisions. By making the same decisions in isolation, one may head in the wrong direction as they have no one to bounce ideas off of or to get feed back from. Marc also explains that making decisions on one's own can be a terrifying experience. But in a network, you can seek advice from people of all kinds of specializations, which can help you with decisions as diverse as what school you should send your kids to or if you should buy a certain start-up business. In this insightful conversation, Marc Ferrentino shows his viewers the power of a good network and why they should start developing one as soon as possible.