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Anna David's Keynote on Labels Considers How to React to Them

 - May 8, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Author, CEO, and speaker Anna David attended a TEDx event hosted by the University of San Diego to deliver a keynote on labels.

Throughout her talk, David argues that labels don't have to be a bad thing, and that embracing those that might be considered negative can help to evolve the perceptions that continue to surround them. As she explains, this can lead to greater change in the long run, as people will likely become less ashamed of the unique traits that make them who they are, as well as the journeys that have shaped them.

David's keynote on labels considers the impact that language can have, but shows that picking up on the positive aspects of these words can lead to beneficial results. Although most labels are meant to bring a person down and confine them to a limited stereotype, David shows that one can empower themselves by adapting their associations, and using them as a tool for open mindedness and improvement.