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Elise by Olsen's Talk on Generation Z Explains Youth's Hatred of Labels

 - Dec 9, 2016
References: recenspaper & youtube
Elise by Olsen, a Norwegian teenager who's the founder of 'Recens,' a creative youth-focused publication, gave a talk on Generation Z for TEDx.

Throughout it, she considers how older generations think of teenagers today, as well as how much of Generation Z views the social media that surrounds them and how they understand advertising. To open, Elise by Olsen states, "We are a bunch of insecure, unconcerned and sexually frustrated pimply failures. We hacked the parental control on our computers to watch porn, we pirate-download party music and spend half of our day in the mirror evaluating ourselves."

By opening her talk on Generation Z this way, she cynically lists off the stereotypes that have come to associate themselves with the demographic, as well as how the representation of certain people in the media effects them. By being aware of these stereotypes and conventions, Elise by Olsen is able to combat them, which helps her to appeal to the hyper-aware demographic that she's a part of.