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The keynotes by Jacinta C. Gauda focus on globalization and the role of leaders. Jacinta discusses...

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Jacinta C. Gauda Tells What Qualities Companies Look for in Individuals

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: nuf.org & youtube
In this enlightening talk the Chair of Corporate Communications for Grayling, Jacinta C. Gauda, discusses why in a world of globalization that the role of the leader has changed. She shares her belief for what specific traits a good leader must possess in today's business environment. These include the abilities to be personally authentic, inclusive, culturally competent and how one must be in a constant pursuit of relevance. By combining these attributes and insisting that the organization adopt them too, Gauda shows how one can standout as a leader in the eyes of team members, companies and prospective employers in a business culture that is already competitive and networked.

This short, but intriguing, video from Jacinta C. Gauda will give viewers a toolkit of tips that they can use to try and become a better team leader.